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Key Insights of the book “THE SECRET” written by “Rhonda Bryne”.

1) The Secret is the law of attraction. Everything that comes into your life is due to you attracting it. What you think of and how you think about it decides what is attracted to you.
2) The greatest teachers to ever exist have told us about the importance of the law of attraction. Writers like William Shakespeare have written about it in their poetry, artists like Leonardo Da Vinci have expressed it in their paintings, and thinkers like Socrates have demonstrated it in their teachings.
3) Some of the oldest religions also have spoken about the power of the law of attraction. It has existed for as long as we have, and it determines the order of the universe. But we are able to call the law of attraction into action simply with our thoughts.
4) The wealthiest 1 percent in the world understand the Secret. They have become the wealthiest because they only think of wealth and abundance, and never give any time to contradictory thoughts.
5) Think of yourself as a magnet. Things are meant to be attracted to you, but only when you think about them will they actually get closer to you.
6) Your thoughts, past and present, become things in your life. Your thoughts send powerful frequencies into the universe, so when you constantly think about something, sooner or later those frequencies will deliver on your thoughts.
7) The reason why not everyone is living a life of abundance is because most people spend time thinking about what they don’t want. As a result, negative things keep happening to them over and over again. The law of attraction is absolute, and responds to all thought frequencies.
8) Whether you believe it or understand it, the universe will continue to take your thoughts and reflect them back to you in life experiences.
9) Thinking causes creation. Every time you think, you are creating your future life. Now that you are aware of the Secret, and of the law of attraction, you can use its power to shape your thoughts, and in time, your life.
10) Make a commitment to yourself to reduce the negative thoughts you have, and be persistent with your positive thoughts. Because change does not happen instantaneously, you can emit new frequencies today and change your future for the better.
11) A great way to learn how to carefully select and cultivate your thoughts is through meditation. Meditation quiets your mind, and makes it easier to control your thoughts. Just a few minutes a day will help you send more positive thoughts into the universe.
12) One of the hardest parts to understand about the laws of attraction is events where lives are lost. It’s not that all victims think about the exact events that lead to their death, but sometimes their fears of death can place them at the wrong place at the wrong time.
13) It is impossible to register, let alone control, every single one of our thoughts. However, there is a shortcut to finding out what we were thinking about, and that is through our emotions. Our emotions tell us what we’re thinking.
14) Think of your emotions or feelings as your frequency feedback mechanism. They will tell whether you are sending positive or negative thoughts out into the universe. If you are feeling good, that means you are thinking good thoughts.
15) Some of our bad days feel like bad things keep happening over and over. One negative thought can trigger an entire chain reaction of bad events. Don’t react negatively to negative things, as this will only attract more of the same.
16) These chain reactions can also happen with good events. The more you feel good, the more good things will keep happening to you. So when you are feeling down, find a way to change that immediately, with a song, exercise, or meditation. You control how the universe treats you.
17) Love is the highest frequency you can emit because it is the strongest positive emotion you can feel. If you think thoughts of love, you will receive the benefits from it.
18) Remember that you cannot harm anyone else by thinking negative thoughts. The universe will only reflect those negative thoughts back at you in miserable experiences. Do not fall into this trap.
19) There are three steps to creating what you want in life, otherwise called the Creative Process, and they are: ask, believe, and receive. When asking the universe for what you want, be clear. Mixed feelings will only bring mixed results.
20) To believe, you must have complete and utter faith that what happens to you is a direct result of what you were once thinking and asking for. Believing will cause the law of attraction to give you even more of what you had asked for.
21) All you have to do for the third step, receive, is be grateful and feel good about what you have received. This will continue the cycle of positive thought, and continue generating positive experiences for you.
22) The Creative Process can change all aspects of your life, including your weight. You need to stop thinking about losing weight, and begin to understand that your weight is a reflection of your thoughts. Most times these are “fat thoughts.” Any physical deficiencies you have are disguises for these thoughts.
23) Food does not cause you to gain weight, unless you think it does. You need to change your thinking and use the Creative Process. Ask for your perfect body by looking at pictures of bodies you admire, and then believe that you have such a body already.
24) Do not weigh yourself, and instead purchase clothes for your ideal body in advance. This will help you fully believe in your perfect body. To receive what you want, you must feel good about yourself first. You can’t attract the perfect body if you hate the one you have now.
25) Time is a construct in the universe. Do not be concerned about when all of your thoughts will become a reality, because in some shape or form, they already exist. Any delay in getting what you want is a delay in believing that you already have it.
26) You must begin to expect great things, because as a result, the universe will grant you exactly what you ask for. By using the law of attraction, you can plan your day in advance with how you think of it, and be amazed by how it meets your expectations.
27) You can start changing your life today by writing a list of things you are grateful for. This shifts your energy and thinking towards positive things, which you will begin to receive more of in the future.
28) All the most successful people in history have understood the power of gratitude. When people are wishing to become wealthier, but are not thankful for what they have now, they remain in poverty.
29) Visualization is the powerful process of picturing how future events will happen in your head. Doing so generates the thoughts and feelings you need to send out even more powerful frequencies into the universe.
30) One example that clearly demonstrates the power of visualization is the story of ten-year-old Colin. After spending an entire day waiting in lines at Disney World, Colin visualized the next day skipping every single line. This came true when his family was randomly selected for free VIP passes.
31) Another way to visualize your future is by making a Vision Board. On a designated board, write down your goals and place pictures of your ideal future life. Look at this every day so you can see which of these things you receive over time, and feel gratitude.
32) If you want to be wealthy, you have to picture yourself wealthy. Do not focus on being poor, as it will only create more circumstances that remind you of this. Call on your imagination and truly believe that you are wealthy, and soon, you will be!
33) If you have debt, and are worried about debt, you will only accrue more debt. Set up an automatic repayment plan, and focus instead on prosperity. The debt will solve itself when prosperity is eventually given to you.
34) Giving money away is one way to get money. In doing so, you are thinking “I have an abundance of money.” But do not think of it as sacrificing your money, as this leads to resentment, and then negative frequencies.
35) Be sure your actions also reflect your thinking and wishes. If you want a significant other, you must not only visualize yourself with one, but act like you already have one. For instance, making room in your home for two people instead of just one will reinforce your thinking.
36) You must treat yourself with love and respect if you hope for a loving and respectful relationship. If you do not, then you are sending out signals that say you are not worthy of love and respect.
37) If you are ill, you can heal yourself, and get rid of the illness, by shedding negative thoughts and replacing them with positive ones. Diseases cannot affect a body that’s in a healthy emotional state.
38) Do not resist negative things in the world, such as war or hunger. You are only sending more thoughts about war and hunger into the universe. Instead, think more positively about peace and everyone having enough to eat – that will send more energy towards those realities.
39) The universe is unlimited, and provides what we wish, so do not worry about resources. The only thing that is limiting is our minds.
40) At our most basic level, beneath flesh, organs, and atoms, is energy. We are energy, and we have the ability to draw upon the universe for anything we can imagine.
41) Do not dwell on your past misfortunes, hardships, or abuses, as that will only bring future problems. Focus on positive feelings, and the law of attraction will deliver.
42) Remember that your power is in your thoughts. When your mind begins to drift, and you begin to think critically of yourself and others, remember to remain vigilant and aware of your thoughts, so you can correct them.
43) Do what you love. Once you understand the power of the Secret, and the power we each hold with our minds, you will only want to do what you love. As you commit to joy, you will only radiate and receive more joy in your life.

Which secret is the most appropriate one you feel from the above list. Share it in your comments.

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