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How to manage Positive state of mind and energetic in all aspects of Day?
Today Morning, I received a Query from a women,
as she is a part of joint family, being a house wife, she is habituated to take up small things on heart (negative words) and lose her energy.

Here are the 3 questions from her:

How do I implement gratitude if this negativity arises in the heart?
How to stay energetic and Productive all the day?
How to maintain relationships happy and have a happy family?
Let’s get into understanding this and find out new ways of exploring the world.

Yes There is,
many are working on this.
All the Successful people in the world are successful because they practice this as rituals.

Why negativity like laziness, anger arises in the mind?

Its all depends on your
Food intake,
surrounded by (people who associate),
Habits you make
The Books you read
The YouTube videos you watch
The social media content that you follow
The time you spend with Mobile.

Are you interested about daily rituals?

How to relax yourself?
Drink Water
Keep yourself hydrated all the times
Have a Physical Exercise and relax your muscles and nerves with any exercise that you love to do
Play a Game
Play a game which improves your memory power, not the ones which eats your time.
Write a Letter
Write beautiful love letter to your closed ones or to yourself. which energizes your neural system.
Reward yourself
After successful completion of small task, give a gift to yourself which in turns encourages to do more.
Choose your task and Total Time on it
Set a timer to focused 25 minutes
Avoid all distractions and urges of multitasking
Take a 5 mins break after 25 mins focused work, refresh yourself.
Take a 20 mins break after completing 4 pomodoros technique – Time Blocking Method
accept that focus is dynamic, a work in progress.
There’s no single tool that will help you develop laser-like focus that never wanders.

The best response to a few hours given over to distraction is not self-recrimination, but self-compassion paired with curiosity.

Regardless of whether your focus has been ideal or not, take a few moments at the end of each day to note what you accomplished and to set yourself up for a smooth downhill start on the next day’s targets for progress.

Do you want to explore more?