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Creative Acts for curious people

written by Sarah Stein Greenberg

How to Think, Create, and Lead in Unconventional Ways ?
How to improve Design Skills or creativity?
Here is the 81 Chapter Book with creative Images.
Design is all about Problem-solving and creative action.
you have to develop competence in four key areas.



Explore the Best conditions for learning.
Think about the impactful turning points in your life where you gained new insight on a topic.
This could be in a formal learning setting like a school, but also in your personal or professional life.


For each and every moment,
Write down a list of 5 features of the experience:

For an instance,
who you were with, where you were, and what went on around you at the time.

Review this set of attributes.

Once you’ve identified the best conditions for how you learn, think about whether you can create them.

Expertise comes from Expert Eyes

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