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7 Goals of Content Marketing

8 Goals of Content Marketing

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

– Albert Einstein

As we all know Content is KING.

However Content Marketing plays crucial rule like a minister in the kingdom.

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Here is the AIDA Funnel which gives the Basics of Content Marketing.

Content marketing wouldn’t make much sense if it does not fit into the well known marketing funnel AIDA.

(Attention, Interest, Desire & Action).

Content is a tool to attract attention of prospects. However there is no use of attracting attention (generating traffic) if that attention cannot be used to convert prospects into customers.

Identify your target market, know what your target market wants to learn or read about.

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Create content and publish them in different formats,

promote your content to reach your prospects.


Convert your FTVs into leads

Different Types of Leads

Lead Scoring and Segmentation


Nurture your Leads

Drip Email Marketing

Content Marketing for Existing Leads


Convert Leads into Customers (triggering action)

Sales Pages, Landing Pages & Copywriting.

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